International Integral Services Agency

new markets, new solutions.

Business Mission.-

We provide an expert department of internationalization focused on Asia and specialized in South Korea for small and medium companies. We colaborate directly with our clients to effectively incorporate their products into the Asian market. We also advise the provider about the best marketing technologies for creating an attractive product and ensuring a fast and easy sale through our sales network. The knowledge of both markets allows us to do detailed monitoring of the product, minimizing the Andalusian company’s risks, and increasing the likelihood of success for both sides.

Business Vision.-

To become an international reference for Andalusian companies in the Asian market. We are focused on constant, continuous, and sustainable growth to arrive at a better level of service related not only to commerce, but also to extra benefits that favor successful intercultural relationships. Through establishment in both countries, we will supply both parties with strong information flow and attractive products.

Our Mottos.-

Ko&Go “Linking Ends” was founded as an international agency of integrated services that is focused on the resolution of demand and, above all, the current needs of many Spanish companies as they try to face the new challenges presented by international markets as a result of the rapidly changing business world.


We carry out our roles with passion in order to be a successful company and lead in the world market through hard work.


Personal relations based on confidence and mutual respect. This obliges us to connect facts with words, to listen to different opinions, and to communicate in an open and sincere form.


We promise to be responsible to society, culture, the environment, our partners, our clients, and our consumers.


We promote a company with a good image, so that our clients, and the clients of our partners, recognize the reputation of the company.


Working hand in hand with our partners, we reach for high business achievement. Communication and teamwork improve relationships and increase confidence.


We are centered around our company’s members and clients. We hold the truth as the elemental tool for generating confidence and the credibility of the company.


C/ Avenida Louis Pasteur 47 oficina 127. CP: 29010 Málaga (España)
Phone: +34 952 63 89 08
CIF: B93517506


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