What do we do?

We concentrate in Internationalization, Imports and Exports.


From Spain to East Asia (mainly South Korea)

South Korea is an example of speed as a global economic development process. Much of this is due to the extensive network expansion.
We are found facing a country with a high consumption index that makes it a very attractive destination for Spanish products. But what happens then? Sometimes ignorance leaves our wealth of products from arriving to far-off destinations like Asia. This then causes us to lose the opportunity to internationalize with high probability of success, and with one of the largest shopping centers of the World: Seoul, the capital which offers one of the most extensive ranges of products and prices for everyone. In addition, South Korea's doors are open for exotic, modern and elegant Western Products. Especially Spain which has an image of quality and value added by respected designation of origin.
That is why Spanish products are linked to moments of delight, flavor and essence. Ko&Go wants to lead Spanish essence to South Korean market through our business’s startup operations. To that end, our company (specializing in penetrating the South Korean market) is working for minimizing the level of risk through diplomacy, effectiveness, service and confidence.


The best of Asia for our consumption

Our knowledge and experience after living in South Korea for a long time, has allowed us to know many elements that we do not currently have and many others of an unbeatable quality. Thanks to globalization, trade is a reality and large Spanish companies offer a wide variety of products of foreign origin, due to their quality.
Ko&Go, through its expert import department, locates the desired elements, contacts the sellers, negotiates and makes the arrangements, placing the product in his warehouse without having to worry about anything.


Methodology of negotiation between Asian and Western.

As an Asian country, its remoteness is notorious and ignorance, in general, is usually well rooted in our culture. This presents a serious problem for any company intending to expand their products to South Korea.
At a time of increasing globalization and expansion, that item of information is nothing more than a temporary obstacle and a wall that can be easily overcome.
Our members, specialized in sociology, culture, commerce and business mediation, are more than ready for leading insertion into South Korea’s commercial sector. The full understanding of the diverse variables makes the introduction of new elements easier, safer and without stopping facing adversities, fueling security as key of our principles.
The obvious and palpable ability, experienced first-hand by our customers, is the domain of the key that can open the first gate: the domain of Korean language, besides being trained for mediation in English, offering more ground and options for the spread of Spanish goods and services,


Ko&Go Sales and Extras Studios

Thanks to our presence in South Korea, we ensure a constant information on the status of the product. We notify the arrival of the same and collected from the importer and we analyze the sales process that is following.

To support its sales, Ko&Go has a recording service with which to add value to the product through promotional videos, subtitled to Korean.


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